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Флейта, барабан и труба: музыка Гражданской войны в США - 2

И еще топ-5 песен времен Гражданской войны в США

1. Fighting 69 (Сражающийся 69-й). 69-й пехотный полк (Нью-йоркские добровольцы) был сформирован в Нью-Йорке из местных ирландцев и стал частью 1-й Ирландской бригады. Прозвище "Сражающийся" он заработал за ирландские национальные качества - злобность, упертость и несгибаемость (и носит его до сих пор, отличаясь практически в каждой войне, ведшейся США за последние 150 лет). Песню часто называют еще и "Ирландской бригадой".

Come all you gallant heroes,
And along with me combined
I'll sing a song, it won't take long,
Of the Fighting Sixty Ninth
They're a band of men brave, stout and bold,
From Ireland they came
And they have a leader to the fold,
And Cocoran was his name
It was in the month of April,
When the boys they sailed away
And they made a sight so glorious,
As they marched along Broadway
They marched right down Broadway, me boys,
Until they reached the shore
And from there they went to Washington,
And straight unto the war
So we gave them a hearty cheer, me boys,
It was greeted with a smile
Singing here's to the boys who feared no noise,
We're the Fighting Sixty Ninth
And when the war is said and done,
May heaven spare our lives
For its only then we can return,
To our loved ones and our wives
We'll take them in our arms, me boys,
For a long night and a day
And we'll hope that war will come no more,
To sweet America
So farewell unto you dear New York,
Will I e'er see you once more
For it fills my heart with sorrow,
To leave your sylvan shore
But the country now it is calling us,
And we must hasten fore
So here's to the stars and stripes, me boys,
And to Ireland's lovely shore
And here's to Murphy and Devine,
Of honour and renown
Who did escort our heroes,
Unto the battle ground
And said unto our colonel,
We must fight hand to hand
Until we plant the stars and stripes,
Way down in Dixieland

2. When Johnny Come Marching Home (Когда Джонни вернется домой). Есть устойчивая легенда о том, что сия песня была безжалостно содрана Патриком Гилмором с английской песни Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye (Джонни, тебя не узнать), но на самом деле всё наоборот - первый вариант был написан в 1863 году, а второй - в 1867 году, да и по содержанию американская песня оптимистично-героичная (Когда Джонни вернется с войны, все его встретят, как героя...), а английская - жестко-пародийно-пацифистская (Джонни, тебя не узнать - где твои руки-ноги-глаза?). Так что в кои-то веки англичане что-то украли у американцев, а не наоборот.

When Johnny comes marching home again
Hurrah! Hurrah!
We'll give him a hearty welcome then
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The men will cheer and the boys will shout
The ladies they will all turn out
And we'll all feel gayWhen Johnny comes marching home.
The old church bell will peal with joy
Hurrah! Hurrah!
To welcome home our darling boy,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The village lads and lassies say
With roses they will strew the way,
And we'll all feel gay
When Johnny comes marching home.
Get ready for the Jubilee,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
We'll give the hero three times three,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The laurel wreath is ready now
To place upon his loyal brow
And we'll all feel gay
When Johnny comes marching home.
Let love and friendship on that day,
Hurrah, hurrah!
Their choicest pleasures then display,
Hurrah, hurrah!
And let each one perform some part,
To fill with joy the warrior's heart,
And we'll all feel gay
When Johnny comes marching home.

3. We'll Fight for Uncle Sam (Будем драться за дядю Сэма). А вот и "обратный пример" - на мотив популярной ирландской песни The Rising of the Moon ирландские же эмигранты, двинувшие на службу в армию Союза, сочинили новые, "актуальные" слова, произведя на свет популярную песнь...

I am a modern hairo: my name is Paddy Kearney;
Not long ago, I landed from the bogs of sweet Killarney;
I used to cry out: SOAP FAT! bekase that was my trade, sir,
Till I 'listed for a Soger-boy wid Corcoran's brigade, sir.
Chorus: For to fight for Uncle Sam;
He'll lade us on to glory, O!
He'll lade us on to glory, O!
To save the Stripes and Stars.
Ora, once in regimentals, my mind it did bewildher.
I bid good-bye to Biddy dear, and all the darling childher;
Whoo! says I, the Irish Volunteers the divil a one afraid is,
Bekase we've got the soger bould, McClellan, for to lade us.
Chorus: For to fight for Uncle Sam, &c.
We soon got into battle: we made a charge of bay'nets:
The Rebel blaggards soon gave way: they fell as thick as paynuts.
Och hone! the slaughter that we made, bedad, it was delighting!
For, the Irish lads in action are the divil's boys for fighting.
Chorus: They'll fight for Uncle Sam, &c.
Och, sure, we never will give in, in any sort of manner,
Until the South comes back agin, beneath the Starry-Banner;
And if John Bull should interfere, he'd suffer for it truly;
For, soon the Irish Volunteers would give him Ballyhooly.
Chorus: Oh! they'll fight for Uncle Sam, &c.
And! now, before I ind my song, this free advice I'll tender:
We soon will use the Rebels up and make them all surrender,
And, once again, the Stars and Stripes will to the breeze be swellin',
If Uncle Abe will give us back our darling boy McClellan.
Chorus: Oh! we'll follow Little Mac, &c.

4. Hell on the Wabash (Ад на Вабаше). Боевой марш Железной бригады - самого прославленного соединения армии Союза (2-й, 6-й, 7-й Висконсинские, 19-й Индианский и 24-й Мичиганский полки). Классический "файф энд драм".

5. Army of the Free (Армия свободы). Еще одна ирландская переделка - старая песня повстанцев 1798 года "Тот, кто носит зеленое" с новыми "актуальными" словами, выражающими "краткую программу действий армии Союза". Пиарасы...

In the army of the Union,
We are marching in the van,
And will do the work before us,
If the bravest soldiers can;
We will drive the Rebel forces
From their strongholds to the sea.
And will live and die together
In the Army of the Free.
|: The Army of the Free, :|
We will live and die together
In the Army of the Free.
2. We may rust beneath inaction,
We may sink beneath disease
The summer sun may scorch us
Or the winter's blast may freeze,
But whatever may befall us,
We will let the Rebels see,
The unconquered we shall still remain
The Army of the Free.
|: The Army of the Free, :|
Unconquered we shall remain
The Army of the Free.
3. We are the best division of
A half a million souls,
And only resting on our arms
Till the war cry onward rolls;
When our gallant General Porter calls,
Why ready we shall be,
To follow him forever
With the Army of the Free.
|: The Army of the Free, :|
We will follow him forever
With the Army of the Free.
4. We have Butterfield the daring
And we've Martindale the cool,
Where could we learn the art of war
Within a better school,
Add Morel to the list of names,
And we must all agree,
We have the finest Generals
In the Army of the Free.
|: The Army of the Free, :|
We have the finest Generals
In the Army of the Free.
5. Though we live in winter quarters now,
We're waiting but the hour,
When Porter's brave division
Shall go forth in all its power,
And when on the field of battle,
Fighting we shall be,
We'll show that we cannot disgrace
The Army of the Free.
|: The Army of the Free, :|
We'll show that we cannot disgrace
The Army of the Free.
6. Then hurrah for our division,
May it soon be called to go,
To add its strength to those who have
Advanced to meet the foe;
God bless it, for we know right well,
Wherever it may be,
'Twill never fail to honor our great
Army of the Free.
|: The Army of the Free, :|
'Twill never fail to honor our great
Army of the Free.

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